Carbon Block Filter for RO Water System

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The Carbon Block Filter is wrapped with a layer of non-woven fabric with filtering function inside and outside to ensure that the carbon core itself does not drop carbon powder, and both ends of the carbon core are equipped with soft nitrile rubber. The gasket makes the carbon core fit into the filter cartridge with good sealing.

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  • Size: 10inch/ 20inch
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    Carbon Block Filter

    In general, Carbon Block Filter absorbs the different colors and odors behind the UDF further. At the same time, intercept the small particles of granular activated carbon, high-quality powder activated carbon, through the unique low-temperature compression activation manufacturing process and deep filtration effect, make the filter element into fine filter The tortuous pore diameter prolongs the contact time between water and activated carbon, efficiently filters out carcinogens such as different colors, different flavors, heavy metals, and trihalomethanes, and can strongly inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and protect RO membranes.

    HID ro membrane

    Carbon Block Filter Specification:

    carbon block filter

    Light spot:

    1. 100% pure PP material

    2. Integrated cap

    3. High-grade material

    4. High quality activated carbon


    Model CTO 10 CTO 10BB CTO 20 CTO 20BB
     O.D.(inch)  2.5  4.5  2.5  4.5
     Length(inch) 9.88 9.88 20 20
     Micron Rating     1-5
     Min./Max.Operating     100psi
     Pressure     4℃-52℃
     Chlorine reduction capacity  6,000 Gal@1GPM
     Max.Flow Rate  2.5 GPM  5 GPM  5 GPM  10 GPM
     Filtration Life(Depends on water
    quality and level of
     3-6months/2500G  4-6months/5500G  4-6months/5500G  6-12months/11000G
     QTY(PCS/CTN)  25 12  20  6
     CTN SIZE(mm)  365x365x270  350x240x520  390*330x540 350x240x520

    Carbon Block Filter Process:

    carbon block filter
    carbon block filter

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