Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane TFC-1812-75 GPD for RO purifier

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TFC-1812-75 GPD (Blue) domestic Reverse Osmosis membrane. The membrane has a pore size of 0.0001 microns, which removes more than 99% of all impurities in the water except water molecules to get pure water, which solves the treatment of highly polluted water and high hardness water.

This thin-film composite (TFC) membrane has a salt rejection rate of 97 percent at 65 psi pressure. Despite the fact that we are a manufacturing company, we sell these membranes to both retailers and distributors (B-2-B) and end users (B-2-C) worldwide.

  • Brand Name: HID
  • Desalination: 97%
  • OEM/ODM: Accept
  • Manufacturer: Yes
  • Supply Ability: 20000pcs / day
  • Delivery Time: 2-7 days
  • Shipping Support: Express / Sea/ Land/ Air freight
  • Exceptional Services: Free samples
  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
  • Price and Inquiries : Email:
  • WhatsApp: +86-133-0528-4401
  • Model: TFC-1812-75
  • Capacity / Flow Rate: 75GPD / 284 liters per day
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    How to order and get prices ?

    For prices and quotations, you can directly contact our sales team by leaving an Email:, Phone: 0086-(0)511-81886899, WhatsApp: +8613305284401 or reach our customer service on Facebook messenger

    How much pressure is required for this membrane?

    The TFC 1812-75 GPD membrane requires 65 psi for optimal performance and durability. It can also withstand pressures of up to 200 psi, but this may impair the membrane's performance, life span, and structural damage. 

    What is type of feed water is recommanded?

    Tapwater and underground water perform best with the membrane. Although some of our clients use it for other water sources, keep in mind that the rejection rate may drop to 95 or 96; otherwise, a higher pressure vessel is required (100 psi).

    Are you a Manufacturing company and do you customize products?

    Since 2008, we have been producing reverse osmosis membranes for home, commercial, and industrial use. With our OWN auto rolling line and OWN RO flat sheet assembling process, we have been able to supply branded and customized reverse osmosis membranes to retailers, distributors (B-2-B) and end users (B-2-C) across the world, as well as providing both ODM & OEM services.

    What is the Salt Rejection percent for the TFC 1812-50 ?

    The Salt rejection for this membrane is set at 97%. This is the standard rejection rate for an 1812 75-gallons membrane, though the membrane may perform better than indicated.

    The 1812 model is the most commonly used membrane in most standard small RO systems or home water purification machines. Capable of producing 75 gallons/284 liters of clean fresh water per day with only 65 psi pressure. Because it is less expensive than other models in the 1812 series, it is ideal for home use, producing enough clean water at a low cost. To achieve the recommended percentage of RO water salts in your water, the membrane removes 97 percent of the salts solids in the water, leaving It with a pleasant taste and a low TDS level. The membrane performs best at 25°C, which is typically the temperature of most feed water.

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    Small Box

    - Quantities Per Box 25

    - Carton weight 5.8 kg



    Big Box

    - Quantities Per Box 50

    - Carton weight 11.6 kg


    Membrane Dimensions:

    75 G dimension 1
    HID ro membrane


    Model No. A (inch/mm) B (inch/mm) C (inch/mm) D (inch/mm) E (inch/mm)
    TFC-1812-50 11.7/298 0.78/20 0.66/16.8 1.73/44 10.2/258
    TFC-1812-75 11.7/298 0.78/20 0.66/16.8 1.77/45 10.2/258
    TFC-2012-100 11.7/298 0.78/20 0.66/16.8 1.85/47 10.4/258
    TFC-2012-125 11.7/298 0.78/20 0.66/16.8 1.85/47 10.4/258
    TFC-2012-150 11.7/298 0.78/20 0.66/16.8 1.9/48.5 10.4/258
    TFC-2012-200 11.7/298 0.78/20 0.66/16.8 1.9/48 10.4/258

    Residential RO Membrane Model & Performance Data:

    Model TFC-1810-50 TFC-1810-75 TFC-1810-100  TFC-2012-125  TFC-2012-150 TFC-2012- 200
    TFC-1812-50  TFC-1812-75 TFC-2012-100
    Perfor-mance Stable Desalination % 97 97 97 97 97 97
    Min. Desalination % 96 96 96 96 96 96
    Mean Permeable Flow GPD (L/d) 50 (204) 75 (281) 100 (380) 125 (478) 150 (567.75) 200(760)
    Active Film Area ft2(m2) 3.5 (0.32) 4.2 (0.38) 5.0 (0.46) 5.0 (0.50) 6.0 (0.8) 10.33 (0.96)
    Test Conditions Pressure 65psi (0.45Mpa)
    Water Temp. 25℃
    Concentration(NaCl) 500ppm
    Water PH 6.5 to 7.5
    Recovery Rate % 15
    Operating Conditions Max. Operating Pressure 200psi (2.0Mpa)
    Max. Feed Water Temp. 45℃
    Max. Feed Water Silt Density Index (SDI) 5
    Feed Water Chlorine Tolerance < 0.1 mg/l
    Feed Water PH Range, Continuous Operation 3 to 10
    Feed Water PH Range, Short-Term Cleaning 2 to 11
    Max. Pressure Drop of Single Membrane 10psi (0.07Mpa)

    NOTE: The produced water amount listed in the table is an average value, compared with the standard value, the difference of the minimum amount of water produced by a single membrane does not exceed ± 15%.

    Operating Limits

    Model No. Maximum 
    Operating Temperature
    Operating  Pressure
    Feed Water PH Range,
     continuous operation
    Maximum Feed
    Water Turbidity
    Feed Water SDI
    TFC-1812-50 45℃ 200psi 4-11 1NTU 5 <0.1ppm
    TFC-1812-75 45℃ 200psi 4-11 1NTU 5 <0.1ppm
    TFC-2012-100 45℃ 200psi 4-11 1NTU 5 <0.1ppm
    TFC-2012-125 45℃ 200psi 4-11 1NTU 5 <0.1ppm
    TFC-2012-150 45℃ 200psi 4-11 1NTU 5 <0.1ppm
    TFC-2012-200 45℃ 200psi 4-11 1NTU 5 <0.1ppm

    Start-up Data of Model TFC-1812-75 GPD

    150 GPD Ro Membrane (2)

    (test temp. 25℃; pressure at 65psi; TDS at 500ppm)

    150 GPD Ro Membrane (3)

    (test temp. 25℃; TDS at 500ppm)

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  • HID RO Membranes are widely used in ultra-pure water, process pure water, cooling tower water, boiler water supply, pure water, throughout the electronics industry, optoelectronic industry, machinery manufacturing, fine chemical industry, medical pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industry, surface coating, and many other industries.

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