when change ro membrane

When change ro membrane?

RO MEMBRANE  is an important element in a water purifier, therefore, it is very necessary that you know when should I replace an RO membrane.

Usually, the life of an HID RO membrane is around 1-2 years, the pre-filters and post-filters about 3-12 months, but it may vary according to the level of contaminants in the water and daily consumption. You can refer to the document: How often replace reverse osmosis membrane?

So how to check the RO membrane need to change? The best way is to buy a TDS meter digital to check the TDS level  ( TDS = Total Dissolved Solids ) of purified water. The smaller the TDS level, the less the total dissolved solids in water.

TDS  water tester
TDS water tester

TDS level grade division:

1. TDS level (PPM): 0 ~ 9, water quality: purified water

2. TDS level (PPM): 10 ~ 60, water quality: mountain spring water, mineralized water

3. TDS level (PPM): 60 ~ 100, water quality: treated water

4. TDS level (PPM): 100 ~ 300, water quality: tap water

5. TDS level (PPM): above 300, water quality: polluted water

If the TDS level is greater than 50ppm, you can consider replacing the RO membrane.


If there is no TDS meter digital, you can consider replacing the reverse osmosis membrane when the following phenomena occur:

1. The water produced by the water purifier becomes smaller. Under the same conditions (such as the same water pressure and water temperature), the water purifier makes less water. It is very likely that the filter element is blocked. If the water purifier filter element is close to its service life, then the water purifier needs to be replaced with a new filter element.

2.  RO reverse osmosis water purifier makes the water too fast. The phenomenon that the water output of the water purifier is obviously accelerated. This situation is generally caused by the damage of the RO membrane. At this time, we must replace the new RO membrane, otherwise, the water purifier will completely lose the filtering function.

3. The outlet of the water purifier has a poor taste. This is because the impurities and bacteria filtered by the filter element of the water purifier are too much, and the accumulation time at the filter element is too long, causing secondary pollution to the tap water. This is also telling us that the filter element needs to be replaced.

4.  The water purifier estimates that it has reached 80% of the service life of the filter element according to time. The service life of the filter element is the ideal period of use of the water purifier filter element. We all know that there is a gap between ideal and reality. In fact, the community with serious water pollution cannot use the filter element for such a long time. If the water quality is good, it is not recommended to wait until the filter element expires. We generally replace the filter element when it reaches about 80% of its ideal life.

We can judge whether to replace the water purifier filter element through the above four methods or the TDS level. If the filter element is far away from the ideal period, then we only need to clean the filter element. Regularly cleaning the filter element of the water purifier is beneficial to prolong the service life of the water purifier filter element. By the way, when you need to replace a membrane, the HID RO membrane is a good choice. HId specializes in the 50G-200G reverse osmosis membranes for residential Ro water purifiers for more than 11 years, with low prices and good quality.

Post time: May-13-2021


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