Advantages of RO Pure Water System equipment

Reverse osmosis is also called reverse osmosis (RO), which uses a certain pressure to separate the solvent in the solution through a reverse osmosis membrane. Because it is opposite to the direction of natural penetration, it is called reverse osmosis. According to the different osmotic pressures of various materials, the reverse osmosis method greater than the osmotic pressure can achieve the purpose of separation, extraction, purification, and concentration.

Advantages of reverse osmosis:

* Continuous operation, stable product water quality

* No need to use acid and alkali regeneration

* No downtime due to regeneration

* Save water for backflushing and cleaning

* Produce ultrapure water with high yield (yield can be as high as 95%)

* No reclaimed sewage, no sewage treatment facilities

* No need for acid-base storage and acid-base dilution transportation facilities

* Reduce the building area of ​​the workshop

* It is safe and reliable to use, avoiding workers' contact with acid and alkali

* Reduce operating and maintenance costs

* Simple installation, low installation cost


Application range of reverse osmosis equipment:

* Drinking water: purified water, mineral water, mountain spring water, bottled water, etc.

* Food processing water: cold food, canned food, poultry, livestock meat processing, vegetable finishing, etc.

* Water for alcoholic beverages: liquor, beer, wine, carbonated drinks, tea drinks, dairy products, etc.

* Ultrapure water for the electronics industry: monocrystalline silicon semiconductor, integrated circuit block, liquid crystal display, etc.

* Water for the pharmaceutical industry: pharmaceutical preparations, large infusions, natural substance extraction, traditional Chinese medicine drinks, etc.

* High-quality drinking water: residential communities, hotels, airports, schools, hospitals, troops, enterprises and institutions

* Industrial production water: automobile, electroplating ultrapure water, painting, paint, paint, boiler softened water, etc.

* Seawater brackish water desalination: production of drinking water from islands, ships, and saline-alkali areas

* Textile and papermaking water: printing and dyeing water, water jet loom water, papermaking white water, etc.

* Water for fine chemicals: cosmetics, detergents, biological engineering, genetic engineering, etc.

* Circulating cooling water: central air-conditioning, smelting, water-cooled air-conditioning

* Swimming pool water purification: indoor swimming pool, outdoor landscape pool, etc.

* Flowers and breeding water: flower nursery, tissue culture; fish breeding, ornamental fish, etc.

Post time: Feb-23-2021


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