How to get OEM and ODM membranes and Filter.

How to get OEM and ODM products

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrases “OEM” and “ODM,” and chances are you have many OEM and ODM goods in your kitchen, living room, or workplace. When intending to import items from China, it is vital to grasp the two phrases and their distinctions, especially if you intend to build your own brand for your company. This post will walk you through the process of getting a custom-designed Reserve Osmosis (RO) membrane and filters.

The first step is to get in touch with our sales staff via any means possible. Whether by social media, phone, email, or any other methods. Our customer support staff is also available, and you can contact them to be sent to the sales team. Regardless of time differences or language barriers, our sales crew is highly trained and active at all times. Our sales representative will give sufficient information about the product as well as the OEM and ODM procedures. At this point, you may inquire about the firm, production procedures, certification, delivery, costs etc.

The second and third phases are interconnected. Step two will involve the creation of a first sample based on the client’s specifications. The procedure will then circle back and forth till our customer is completely satisfied with the sample product. Our technical staff will ensure that the membranes are designed precisely and that they match the performance requirements of our customers. Our OEM and ODM services include product design, labeling, and customized packaging with the client’s corporate name and brand. After a final sample product is approved by customer we will move to the forth stage.

The sample product will be mass-produced at the fourth step. This won’t take long because HID has a big manufacturing line for residential, commercial, and industrial membranes. HIDTM currently has three automatic RO flat sheet production lines, and production facility automation and quality control have significantly increased our expertise and competitiveness in RO membrane manufacturing as a whole, allowing us to better serve our customers worldwide and benefit more people for safe drinking.Because all of the materials that construct the membrane are manufactured within HID’s facility, there are no manufacturing delays.

Some businesses may require product testing, which may be performed at this time. It is a HID protocol to perform air tests on each and every membrane manufactured at HID. A rejection rate test and a flow rate test are also performed every 1 hour for a 4 random membrane generated within the previous hour to check for quality shifts or manufacturing errors. After manufacture is completed, the items will be sent in accordance with the customer’s specifications. HID guarantees the safe delivery of all items and strives to deliver them as quickly as possible.

This is the standard method for ordering customized membranes and filters for your business from HID at a very low cost. For additional information, please visit our contact page or use the chat tab to talk with our sales team right away.

Post time: Aug-01-2022


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