How to calculate RO membrane flux

The calculation of membrane flux can be done using the following formula:

Membrane Flux (J) = (Permeate Flow Rate) / (Membrane Area)

Permeate Flow Rate = the volume of permeate (the liquid that has passed through the membrane) produced per unit time.
Membrane Area = the area of the membrane surface through which the permeate flows.

To calculate the RO membrane flux, you can follow these steps:

Measure the permeate flow rate: Measure the volume of permeate that has passed through the membrane over a certain period of time. The flow rate can be calculated as follows:

Permeate Flow Rate = (Permeate Volume) / (Time)

Permeate Volume = the volume of permeate produced during the measurement period.
Time = the measurement period in seconds.

Measure the membrane area: Measure the area of the membrane surface that is in contact with the liquid being filtered.

Calculate the membrane flux: Use the formula above to calculate the membrane flux by dividing the permeate flow rate by the membrane area.

Membrane Flux (J) = (Permeate Flow Rate) / (Membrane Area)

Note: The units of measurement for the permeate flow rate and membrane area must be consistent. For example, if the permeate flow rate is measured in liters per hour, the membrane area should be measured in square meters. This was our news update this week from HID membranes and we hope this information we be useful to you. Have a lovely week 

Post time: Apr-19-2023


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