How know if the ro membrane is contaminated?

As we know, the reverse osmosis membrane element has a service life. After the reverse osmosis membrane is used, it may be contaminated for some reason. First of all, it is necessary to judge whether the RO reverse osmosis membrane is polluted.

The following is a method to determine whether the RO reverse osmosis membrane is contaminated.

★ Under standard pressure, the water production volume drops;

★ In order to achieve the standard water production, the operating pressure must be increased;

★ The pressure drop between the inlet water and the concentrated water increases;

★ The weight of the membrane element increases;

★ Obvious change in membrane removal rate (increase or decrease);

★ When the membrane element is taken out of the pressure vessel, pour water on the water inlet side of the erected membrane element. The water cannot flow through the membrane element and only overflow from the end surface (indicating that the water inlet channel is completely blocked).

Post time: Sep-16-2020


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