How can reverse osmosis membrane elements be stored for a long time?

ro membrane 4040XLE

If the downtime of the reverse osmosis system is longer than 48 hours, the following procedures can be adopted to save the system:

1. Before all storage, the RO system needs to be cleaned to remove all contaminants and dirt deposited on the ro membrane surface (this operation is only used when the ro membrane element is contaminated or is expected to be contaminated). Before prolonged system downtime, use the recommended standard cleaning procedures. After the successful completion of cleaning and disinfection, save as soon as possible. The interval between the last cleaning/disinfection time is 12 hours at most.

2. The preservation is completed by the circulation of 500-1000ppm sodium bisulfite solution using the cleaning system. In this way, the ro membrane element will be thoroughly wetted in the preservation solution. The solution is circulated in the entire system, and the remaining air volume can be reduced to a minimum after the completion of the secondary cycle (about 1 hour). Ensure that the ro system does not contain air for sealing during storage and has good airtightness.

3. Close all valves on the supply side and brine side. Any contact of sodium bisulfite solution with outside air (oxygen) will cause sodium bisulfite to be oxidized to sulfate, and the pH value will continue to drop. After all the bisulfite is consumed, the remaining oxygen will not be absorbed, and the biological state will become unstable.

4. The pH value of the preserved reverse osmosis system needs to be adjusted regularly to ensure that the pH value of the solution will not be lower than 3. If the pH of the storage solution is found to be lower than 3, the storage solution must be replaced. The preservation solution must be replaced every month.

5. During the shutdown period, the storage temperature should not exceed 35℃, but not below 0℃ to prevent freezing.

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Post time: Sep-11-2020


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