For over 14 years, HID Membrane Co. Ltd. has been a professional producer of Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane, RO System, RO PRE Filters, and Membrane Housing, and has engaged in competitiveness and sound market share within China and throughout the world. Every September, we commemorate a HID’s yearly anniversary by giving back to our customers. This year is our 13th year in operation, and we are celebrating with discounts, promotions, and a variety of live-streams.

To satisfy our clients’ stringent filtration requirements, we are always concentrating on RO membrane research and development. HID currently has three automatic RO flat sheet production lines, and production facility automation and quality control have significantly increased our expertise and competitiveness in RO membrane manufacturing as a whole, allowing us to better serve our customers worldwide and benefit more people through safe drinking.

This year, we are focusing on the global struggle against water scarcity in many nations. We are expanding our markets to be available on the b-2-c platforms globally. We are currently on Shopee, Aliexpress, and will shortly be on Lazada. HID has been providing B-2-B business services on Alibaba for the last 9 years. We have done business with partners in over 50 countries and have developed positive relationships with all of them via our collaboration.

We specialize in the production of RO membranes, filters, and membrane rolling equipment. We manufacture membranes for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We also provide OEM and ODM services to B2B clients that have unique and customized designs or who want to expand their businesses. So, in addition to focusing on its own brand growth, HID is aiming to help other small firms expand by performing the hard lifting in the manufacturing arena.       

We will continue to strive harder to supply our services internationally, and we hope that our efforts will contribute to the resolution of the global water issue. Reverse Osmosis technology is rapidly emerging as one of the solutions to the world’s water shortages, which have been affecting the world for the past two years. The year 2022 will be the worst and most cruel in terms of climate change and drought throughout the planet. We hope to see you again in our future piece as we continue our investigation into the water situation and its remedies.   


Post time: Aug-31-2022


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