HID Industrial New Model is Coming – 7 Days Left


HID Industrial new model is coming on August 5, 2020 - 7 days left!  Among them, there are 4 new models in the 4040 series, 4  new models in the 8040 series.



This time the new products all use different types of HID flat sheet membranes produced, and adopt a unique rolling method. The NEW Industrial RO Membranes must be particularly suitable for your RO system. For example, the most cost-effective 4040 industrial membrane among them, ultra-low pressure only requires 100psi and ultra-large flux of 2600GPD, and it can be used in multifocal commercial applications. We will also launch an anti-fouling 8040 industrial RO membrane, which will increase the service life of your original membrane by 15%, and the salt rejection rate is greater than 99.2%. This membrane is very suitable for users with poor water quality and has stable performance.


Of course, in addition to this, we will also have 6 models of other distinctive industrial membranes launched, so stay tuned on August 5

Post time: Jul-29-2020


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