Nanofiltration Membrane Element HNF-8040HR

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Industrial NF Membrane is a highly selective nanofiltration membrane product specially developed for zero-emission and resource utilization.

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  • Model: HNF-8040HR
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    Nanofiltration membranes are mostly charged membranes, with negative charges on the surface, which can intercept cations with more than two valences in water and retain monovalent ions (such as sodium ions and potassium ions). Therefore, nanofiltration membranes retain some minerals in the water. Material element.

    Among the common heavy metal pollutants, arsenic mainly exists in the water as trivalent arsenic ions and pentavalent arsenic ions; chromium mainly exists in the form of trivalent and hexavalent ions in nature. So the nanofiltration membrane can also filter out most of the heavy metals. It can also remove part of calcium and magnesium, so it has a certain effect in softening hard water.

    At the same time, nanofiltration membranes can reduce organic matter in water and carcinogens such as trihalomethanes produced during chlorination and disinfection of drinking water.
    The smallest known virus has a diameter of 18nm-22nm (data from Wikipedia). Compared with the pore size of nanofiltration membranes of 1-2nm, bacteria and viruses are relatively large, so nanofiltration membranes can be effective Removal of bacteria and viruses does not seem so difficult to imagine.

    The working principle of the nanofiltration membrane is partially similar to that of the reverse osmosis membrane. The pressure it bears is lower than that of reverse osmosis membrane, so it produces less wastewater than reverse osmosis membrane.

    HID Industrial  NF Membrane:

    Being one of the earliest RO membranes manufacturers in China, HIDTM ranks the best brands among the Chinese RO membrane industry. Nanofiltration membranes can filter metal ions above two valences in water (generally, the content of monovalent ions in water is very small, and they are all minerals that are beneficial to the human body), while the operating pressure of nanofiltration membranes is much lower than reverse osmosis membranes, and the water output It is much higher than reverse osmosis membranes and can completely remove calcium and magnesium ions that are easy to scale in water. The use of nanofiltration membranes is sufficient to meet the needs of drinking water.

    HID™ Industrial  NF Membrane Main Features:

    - It is a highly selective nanofiltration membrane product specially developed for zero-emission and resource utilization.
    - The rejection rate of multivalent ion is high, the rejection rate of monovalent ions is low, and the molecular weight cutoff is accurate.
    - It is also suitable for small analytical drugs Isolation and Purification.
    - The special grid design is adopted in the inlet flow channel so that the product has more significant advantages in pollution resistance and easy cleaning.

    HID™ Industrial  NF Membrane Model & Performance:

    Model HNF-4040HF HNF-4040HR HNF-8040HF HNF-8040HR
    Component parameters Membrane material Polyamide
    Structure Roll
    Effective membrane
    area (m²)
    7.6 37
    Inlet grid thickness
    34 34
    Product performance Standard test TDS 2000mg/L MgSO42000mg/L NaCl 2000mg/L MgSO42000mg/L NaCl
    Operating pressure
     0.5  0.75  0.5   0.75
    Test temperature (°C) 25
    Recovery rate(%) 15%
    PH 6.5~7
    Water production
     8/2100  7.6/2000  40/10500  38/10000
    Rejection Rate(%) ≥95(MgSO4)
     ≥95(MgSO4)30±10(NaCl)  ≥98.5(MgSO4)50±10(NaCl)
    Application limit Maximum operating
    pressure (MPa)/psi
    Maximum inlet water
    flow (m3/h)/GPM
    3.6/16 17/75
    Inlet water
    temperature range (°
    Influent PH range 3~10
    Cleaning PH range 2~11
    Maximum influent
    turbidity NTU
    Maximum water inlet
    Influent residual
    chlorine control (mg
    Maximum pressure
    drop of single
    component (psi)


    1. The performance parameters are measured after the system runs stably for 30 minutes. 2. The deviation range of water production is ±15%.
    2.1.5 Important information
    The correct start-up is essential for the stable operation of the nanofiltration system. Before the nanofiltration system is debugged or restarted under a long-
    term shutdown state, various equipment, meters, and water quality must be checked and adjusted to ensure that all conditions meet the settings or set values
    after commissioning. Please refer to the product manual for specific operation steps and precautions.
    In order to prevent the membrane from being scratched by hard particles, a reliable 5μm security filter without backwashing should be used at the water
    inlet. When the silicon concentration is too high, a 1μm security filter can be used. The pressure on the water production side of the membrane module must
    not be higher than the pressure on the feed water side at any time, and the static back pressure must be less than 5 psi.

    HID™ Gallery:

    HID has invested a full auto RO membrane flat sheet (composite polyamide) production line, which has passed in-house testing to meet the international main brands' technical index.
    HID™ has invested a full auto RO membrane flat sheet (composite polyamide) production line, which has passed in-house testing to meet the international main brands' technical index.

    We insist on offering good quality products with a good business concept, honest income plus the ideal and fast service. it will bring you not only the premium quality solution and huge profit, but by far the most significant should be to occupy the endless market for Nanofiltration Membrane (NF membrane), Our market share of our solutions has greatly increased yearly. If you are interested in any of our items or would like to discuss a custom order, you should feel free to contact us. We're looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future. We're looking forward to your inquiry and order. E-mail:

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  • HID™ NF Membranes are widely used in:

    1. Antibiotic medicine is concentrated at low temperatures to remove ash.
    2. Dye desalination, concentration, replacement salting out, acid precipitation.
    3. Concentration of thin sugar liquid, purification of oligosaccharides.
    4. Extraction and concentration of biologically active ingredients.
    5. Wastewater treatment and recycling.
    6. Concentration and purification of various proteins, amino acids, vitamins, milk, alcohol, soy sauce, condiments, etc.

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