2000LPH Reverse Osmosis (RO) System for Industrial RO Plant

Short Description:

2000L/H Reverse Osmosis (RO) system equipment high performance with competitive price fully automatic working Tap water, well water, river water, etc.

  • Capacity: 2000 LPH
  • Source of Water: Tap water, underground water, lake water
  • OEM/ODM: Accept
  • Manufacturer: Yes
  • Delivery Time: 2-7 days
  • Shipping Support: Express / Sea/ Land/ Air freight
  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
  • E-mail: info@ro-hid.com
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    2000L/H Reverse Osmosis system high performance with competitive price fully automatic working Tap water, well water, river water, etc for industrial RO plant. Inlet TDS<2000PPM, continuous operation, high quality, no need to use acid regeneration, save the recoil and cleaning water, ultrapure water produced in high yield (up to 95% yield), High recovery rate, low rate of wastewater, high water utilization efficiency, no reserves and acid diluted acid transport facilities, reducing the shop floor area, the use of safe and reliable, to avoid worker contact with acid, reduce operation and maintenance costs, easy installation, low installation cost.

    HID ro membrane

    Reverse Osmosis System Specification:

    Product Name RO 250LPH RO 500LPH RO 2000LPH RO 10000LPH
    OEM/ODM Accept
    Input Water TDS < 2000PPM
    Output Water Capacity (l/h) 250 500 2000 10000
    Power 220V 50Hz 220V 50Hz 220V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
    Raw Water Type Municipal water, well water, underground water, etc
    Process Raw water tank--raw water pump--sand filter--carbon filter--cartridge filter--high-pressure pump-- RO system-production water tank.   

    2000LPH (Standard)

    1.1 Raw water type: Tap water, well water, river water, etc
    1.2 Inlet TDS<2000PPM.
    1.3 Power: 220V 50Hz

    No. Product Name Specifications Material QTY Remarks
    1 Raw water solenoid valve  UW32 copper  1 set  220V
    2 Raw water flowmeter 0-4m³/H Pipeline 1 set  
    3 Raw water valve DN32mm Upvc 1 piece  Food grade material
    4 Pressure gauge 0-0.4Mpa   1 piece  
    5 Raw water booster pump Q:4m³/h;H:30M   1 set 380V 50HZ
    6 Multimedia filter  HXSF-500*1750 FRP 1 set Specially made, lined with PE
    7 Water distribution system Above
     UPVC 1 set  
    8 Multi-way valve F56D   1 set  
    9 Quartz sand 4-60   1 set  
    10 Activated carbon filter HXSF-500*1750 FRP 1 set Specially made, lined with PE
    11 Water distribution system Above
     UPVC 1 set  
    12 Multi-way valve F56D   1 set  
    13 Purified water carbon (coconut
    shell carbon)
      Clean water
    1 set  
    14 Dosing tank metering pump Scale inhibitor addition   1 set  
    15 Precision filter HXUF -5 stainless 1 set  
    16 filter element 5U*1000mm PP 5 piece  
    17 Reverse osmosis membrane ULP31-4040  macromolecule 8 set  
    18 Membrane housing 8040 304 4 set  
    19 High-pressure pump CDL4-12 stainless 1 set  380V 50HZ
    20 Concentrated water flowmeter 0-6 m³/H pipelined 1 set  
    21 Pure water flowmeter 0-4/2m³/H 1 set  
    22 Concentrated water control valve  DN32mm Upvc 1 piece Food grade valve
    23 High and low voltage protection    -0.1-0.3Mpa special 1 set Protect the high-pressure pump and membrane  
    0-2.5Mpa 1 set
    0-1.6Mpa 1 set
    24 Mainframe system   stainless complete set  
    25 Electric control panel OEM stainless 1 set  
    26 Electronic control system   stainless 1 set Low-voltage electrical appliances and electrical boxes, etc.
    27 Pipeline valve system Including flow meterand pressure gauge  UPVC complete set Food grade sanitary pipe
    28 Conductivity detector  CM-230K   1 set Online detection and display

    Reverse Osmosis System Gallery:

    industrial RO plant
    industrial RO plant
    industrial RO plant

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